Moving? Going abroad for an extended period? Your moving into the new apartment is delayed?
You have reached the right place!

Zohar Storage Services offers a variety of storage services in Jerusalem: Storage of apartment contents, storage of office contents, equipment storage and more…
  • The storage is carried out in modern and secured chambers  (storage units).
  • Our warehouses are located in the village Aminadav, close to residential houses and in a populated and safe area.
  • Our warehouses include comprehensive insurance and advanced  means of security, such as: Alarm, volume detector and smoke detector
  • Our warehouses are connected to a security center 24 hours a day.

Zohar Storage Services
Zohar Storage Services
The company provides a variety of modern and advanced storage services, while adhering to the highest standards.
  • At Zohar Warehouses the storage is carried out in private, clean and secured storage units, which have each a separate door and a  personal lock.
  • At Zohar Warehouses maintenance duties are performed egularly, such as: cleaning, and disinfestation and removal of pests. houses and in a populated and safe area.
  • Zohar Warehouses are insured by Klal Insurance Company and meet all the necessary standards.
  • Zohar Warehouses are readily accessible and provide the utmost convenience and a sense of security
We will be happy to provide you with professional and reliable advice regarding transportation services throughout the country as well.

Zohar Storage services – how to reach us?
Zohar Warehouses are located in the village Aminadav close to the village Ora (see map), in a green and cultivated area.
Our warehouses are accessible and are located minutes away by vehicle from any neighborhood in Jerusalem; they provide the residents of Jerusalem with convenience and a sense of security.